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Tax Estimator Calculator

You can calculate your federal income tax estimate with our tax estimator calculator to see what your tax obligation is with Uncle Samuel and his IRS entourage.

For the most accurate results, use one of the TurboTax or H&R Block tax estimator calculators below. These free to use calculation tools take just minutes to calculate your 2017 - 2018 taxes and don't require any personal identity information. You can also make changes to filing statuses and dependents to see what difference it makes for your tax liabilities with life and family changes.

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HR Block Tax Estimator Calculator

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A simple tax calculation can ease the tension of uncertainty so that you can focus on online income tax preparation software to meet your financial obligation instead of wondering what it is.


Using a tax estimator calculator several times a year can help you better prepare for year-end tax filing. Tax estimator calculators help you determine whether you need to have more or less taxes deducted from your paycheck. these reasons include:

  • in order to not owe taxes at the end for the year for underpayment

  • if you can reduce your paycheck withholdings so your not paying too much in and would rather be keep your money and collect interest instead of letting Uncle Sam have that benefit.

Seems like you deserve the interest more than Uncle Sam don't you think?


Try our Free Tax Estimator Calculator by choosing your tax filing status and then just entering your basic income information so you can estimate your taxes.

Using our Free Tax Estimate Calculator allows you to take the stress out of not knowing where you stand with your IRS tax liability. Relieving this uncertainty can greatly reduce your anxiety this tax season during tax return preparation and filing.



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